Fabio Gasparetti

Currently Associate Professor at the AI Lab of ROMA TRE University. Previously visiting scientist and researcher at Nokia Bell Labs at Cambridge UK and Xerox PARC. Since 2017 member of the A.I. Task Force promoted by AgID (Agency for Digital Italy). He got his PhD in 2005 doing research on Adaptive Web Search.

He has collaborated and is still collaborating in National and International research projects regarding Internet technologies.

He was one of the authors of the book: The Adaptive Web Methods and Strategies of Web Personalization.

He has been reviewer of well established International Journals and stably involved in technical program committees of relevant conferences.

His principal research interests include:

  • User Modeling and User Adapted Interaction
  • Human-computer personalized interaction
  • Recommender Systems and Context-awareness
  • Social Web
  • Adaptive Focused Crawling

Last updated resume here.

Current teaching activities

For StudentsArgomenti per Progetti (anche per corsi di SII,ML,IA), Tesi di laurea e Tirocini (to be updated).
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Office Address:

Department of Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Aeronautical Technologies
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Roma Tre University
Via della Vasca Navale 79, I – 00146 Rome, Italy

Voice:+39 06 5733 3212
Fax:+39 06 5733 3612
Mobile Ext.: 81066
Room: DIA 207
Office Hours: Thursday afternoon by appointment.

e-Mail: gaspare [AT] dia [DOT] uniroma3 [DOT] it